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crate training

Benefits Of Crate Training Puppies

Crate training is not a novel concept in dogdom yet it is a highly important, underestimated, underutilised and fundamental education system for a long-term and short-term practical benefit for pet owners and their dogs. Many dogs suffer from claustrophobia due to their inexperience with confinement. Any dog that cannot tolerate being caged is a nightmare …

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dog in car

Canine Car Companion

There are numerous considerations when travelling around with your canine companion in your vehicle –it could be a prized pooch as a passenger in a Porsche or a “brakkie” locked up at the back of a bakkie. Not all dogs take readily to riding in a car. Some can be violently ill from car sickness …

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Vet Shop

Wendywood Veterinary Hospital has a Vet Shop on site. Food, treats, OTC meds, toys and accessories are available. Orders can be placed in advance with reception for quick collection. Delivery can also be arranged.