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Puppy Basic Coping Skills

Every puppy and every pup owner should complete a basic course of training so that the ten to sixteen year relationship is based on mutual understanding, meaningful communication and the animal has the required life skills to render it a socially acceptable companion. If puppy owners are not informed about socialization, obedience and the correct …

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Animal Behaviour Charlatans

Over the past three decades there has been an emergence of a wide variety of animal behaviour and animal-related charlatans. There used to be a national roving dog psychologist who diagnosed every behaviour disorder of dogs to be attributed to hunger. If a dog chased motor cars it was hungry. If a dog bit children …

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Dr Platzhund's Pet Pointers

Doctor Platzhund’s Pet Pointers

Doctor Platzhund’s Pet Pointers: A practical guide to human / animal interaction Author: Dr Platzhund (Dr Melvyn Greenberg) Sponsored by: Scientific Veterinary Diets (SVD) In aid of: South African Guide Dog Association A must have for all new pet owners from South Africa’s first and only Specialist Veterinary Ethologist (Specialist in Animal Behaviour). From housetraining …

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