animal shelter

guinea pig

Pocket Money Pets

In this category one considers rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and hamsters which parents often bestow upon children as a foundation and grooming in the pet-owning responsibilities department. These creatures are mostly regarded in nature as prey and as vermin or laboratory animals in human society. However, these relatively inexpensive lagomorphs and rodents make the …

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stray dog

Picking Up A Stray Dog

When any dog is noticed wandering in the street or on the pavement there are numerous factors to be taken in to serious consideration. Are you driving in a rabies endemic area? Will the dog bite me? How do I find its owner? What is the law regarding stray dogs? Every stray dog should immediately …

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animal welfare

No-Kill is a No-Care, No-Brain Animal Welfare Policy

Intermittently one reads or hears an animal welfare organization, particularly the new kids on the block with politically correct intentions, claiming to have a no-kill policy. Any organization making this claim is doing it purely for publicity, emotional blackmail, popularity extortion and financial gain. Imagine the veterinary profession, which deals far more profoundly with the …

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