TRAINING IS A MUST FOR EVERY OWNER AND THEIR DOG – if the owner is uninformed then the dog knows nothing and survives on instincts. Training is a prophylaxis (preventive treatment) for most behaviour problems. Training teaches people how to respond appropriately towards the behaviour of their pets.

Puppy Socialisation (Kindergarten) is carried out on the practice premises most Saturday mornings under the auspices of Focus Training. Wendywood Veterinary Hospital is the first practice in the country to hold such classes on site. The classes started in 1984 and are still very popular.

The purpose of early socialisation is to teach puppies coping skills, tolerance, obedience and exposure to most inevitabilities in life with positive reinforcement. Puppies should start socialisation classes at 8 weeks old and end at 20 weeks of age.

The instructions are to teach dog owners how to understand their pets and develop a meaningful human-animal bond.

Once puppy classes have been completed it is highly recommended that one continues with basic obedience training.


Focus Training offers basic and advanced obedience training at their venue in Linbro Park. They also offer consultations at home with pets with behaviour disorders. Contact Paula Jordi (animal behaviourist and canine obedience instructor) on 082 823 4024, and Gareth Thomas on 079 491 7013.

Puppy Socialisation Class at Wendywood Veterinary Hospital
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