When your pet can’t be with you on vacation, we provide a secure, clean and comfortable place for your pet’s “staycation” in our boarding facilities. With an experienced veterinarian, vet clinic facility and a professional team of pet experts available to your pet, you can put your mind at ease about any medical treatments your pet may require. And we are here seven days a week (even on Sundays and Public Holidays) to care for our boarded residents.

Leaving your pet alone at home can be stressful because your dog / cat expects you to be at home with them. In a boarding facility there is no such association or expectation. Animals live in the moment and are not stressed when they are in an environment that is safe, active, stimulating, clean and comfortable.

Reservations only required well-in-advance for the period 14 December to 8 January. To board your pet at Wendywood Veterinary Hospital please contact our reception to book. Please do not bring any toys or bedding along when you check your pet in. 


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