Senior Dog
The Geriatric Pet
The advancements in veterinary medicine, the quality of scientifically formulated pet foods, the increase in devoted ownership and modern city dwellings where animals are far more restricted has improved the longevity of companion animals to
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good dog
Canine Good Citizenship
A “canine good citizen” is a well-behaved dog, around people, as well as amongst other dogs, at home and in public. Everyone should want to own or strive for the nature of such a companion
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dog training
Principles Of Home-Schooling Dogs
In the enormous number of behaviour consultations I attend to on a monthly basis the majority of the problems in pets is based on the lack of structured schooling in the early impressionable years which
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Phobic Dogs And The Owners’ Roll
An alarming percentage of city dog owners complain to veterinarians regularly about the phobic panic behaviour exhibited by their pets during thunderstorms and fireworks displays. Thunderstorms are obviously the most severe and frequent in the
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Pack Leader
Establishing Leadership Over A Dog And Modifying Behaviour Without Force
What most people desire is the ability to influence their dogs to eagerly perform acceptable behaviour patterns by showing positive leadership skills without expressing dominance or control over all types of resources. We might want
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Puppy training
It Takes A Family To Raise A Pup
When a family takes on the raising of a puppy it is not a simple process. Puppies are complex, highly impressionable creatures with a very short window period wherein the best possible effects can be
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doggie day care
Doggie Day Care
Dog day-care centre or puppy crèche are not really novel concepts internationally but a time has arisen in this country for considering the implementation of these necessary facilities for the owners of canine companions. There
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crate training
Benefits Of Crate Training Puppies
Crate training is not a novel concept in dogdom yet it is a highly important, underestimated, underutilised and fundamental education system for a long-term and short-term practical benefit for pet owners and their dogs. Many
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leash training
Dogs That Pull And Lunge On Leash
It has often been found humorous, yet disconcerting, by people in-the-know watching a dog take its owner for a walk. It is also found to be humorous by ignorant pet owners when they see dogs
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Puppy Basic Coping Skills
Every puppy and every pup owner should complete a basic course of training so that the ten to sixteen year relationship is based on mutual understanding, meaningful communication and the animal has the required life
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The Behavioural Effects and Health Benefits of Castrating Dogs
Castration is the same surgical procedure as neutering or sterilization where both testes are removed. In technical terms it is referred to as an orchidectomy and is a minor operation carried out only by a
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fighting dogs
Bitchiness (Rivalry between female dogs is very serious business!)
The conflict between two rival bitches meets all the definitions that this term, bitchiness,  describes which is being “bad-tempered” or “spiteful”. Although this word does not exist in the Oxford dictionary it is used as
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relaxing with your dog
Much Ado About Nothing
From the experiences and perspectives of reputable canine obedience instructors, animal behaviourists and veterinary ethologists one of the most difficult messages to communicate to dog owners as a basic rule of human-canine interaction is to
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guinea pig
Pocket Money Pets
In this category one considers rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and hamsters which parents often bestow upon children as a foundation and grooming in the pet-owning responsibilities department. These creatures are mostly regarded in nature
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introduce new dog
Introducing a second dog to a single dog household
Often a situation arises where a dog owning family or single pet person decides to introduce a friend for companionship. Reasons may include the readiness of the person in charge to acquire a second responsibility;
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Does your dog come to you when it is called
Dogs That Jump Up At People
Any dog that jumps up at people is regarded as having bad manners, is a downright irritation and has never been recognized by its owner as a public nuisance. In most cases the individual dog
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bite inhibition
Bite Inhibition
Bite inhibition is a very modern term, used initially in veterinary behaviour circles, for a learnt or inherent ability in a pup to bite an opponent without inflicting damage. The opponent may be another animal
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begging at the table
Dogs Eating and Begging at the Table
It will always remain a sensitive personal and social issue when dogs are found loitering around, begging or eating at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table. As recent as five decades ago it was almost
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Pet Urban Legends
Mutt myths and feline fables abound in society. Are urban legends so mysterious and anthropomorphic that they are accepted as gospel above scientific proof? It seems so easy for people to believe nonsense above common
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thirsty dog
Heat-related stress with pet dogs
When a subject such as heat-related stress is raised, concerning companion animals, one has to specify and confirm that the heat referred to is by no means the attractiveness of a bitch in season, or
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life skills for dogs
Teaching Pets Life Skills
Puppy socialization classes has been in the media and on the lips of everyone involved in canine activities for over two decades. While those pet owners who fail to socialize, let alone train, their dogs
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hierarchy of dogs
The hierarchy system of dogs
Dogs live in a linear hierarchy system similar to army rankings or the human caste system of certain cultures. Dogs are, instinctively, not adapted to the democratic approach meted out by most pet owners. Doting
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white cat
What it involves in being white
White animals seem to engender an aesthetic attraction of purity and cleanliness amongst pet owners. Nature does bestow on white animals an alarming beauty. Lovely to look at these animals are, by nature, absent of
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dog in car
Canine Car Companion
There are numerous considerations when travelling around with your canine companion in your vehicle –it could be a prized pooch as a passenger in a Porsche or a “brakkie” locked up at the back of
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Cats are not small dogs
There is an impression that cats are nothing more than small dogs when it comes to the public consideration for nutritional requirements, behaviour and medication. Although cats and dogs are both carnivores, cats are at
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stray dog
Picking Up A Stray Dog
When any dog is noticed wandering in the street or on the pavement there are numerous factors to be taken in to serious consideration. Are you driving in a rabies endemic area? Will the dog
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human dog relationship
Animal Behaviour Charlatans
Over the past three decades there has been an emergence of a wide variety of animal behaviour and animal-related charlatans. There used to be a national roving dog psychologist who diagnosed every behaviour disorder of
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Disease Prevention in Aviaries
In order to prevent disease and death amongst birds kept under high density in aviaries the aviculturist needs to understand certain basic principles of how the avian species falls ill and the best way to
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aggressive dog
What Dog Owners Do to Make Their Pets Aggressive
There is one characteristic that prevails with canine aggression and that is people lack the knowledge and ability to communicate effectively with dogs. The constant miscommunication is unfortunate considering that man has lived alongside their
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Hamsters originate from Syria and other parts of the Middle East where their existence is threatened by destruction of their habitat and predation by owls. In the Middle East they are known as the “originator
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bored dog
The Lifestyle of the Modern Pet
The rate at which the human population is expanding in cities throughout the country has created a high density development bonanza. While property developers, architects, architectural designers and builders are reaping the harvest pets are
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animal welfare
No-Kill is a No-Care, No-Brain Animal Welfare Policy
Intermittently one reads or hears an animal welfare organization, particularly the new kids on the block with politically correct intentions, claiming to have a no-kill policy. Any organization making this claim is doing it purely
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pet pigs
Pigs may be Disgruntled but cannot be taken for Grunted
Pigs, as individuals and as a species, have an enormous number of people and cultures who detest them or adore them. While most pigs are observed from a distance and there is a common slanted
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The Rabbit – An Exotic Pet with Behaviour Problems
The Rabbit – An exotic pet with behaviour problems
The rabbit is a species which has, traditionally, been regarded as a suitable pet for children. The rabbit has subsequently proved to be accepted and appreciated by all ages and has even been utilized as
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best pets for small homes
Pets best suited for high density dwellings
Pets best suited for living in townhouse, cluster complexes, apartments. The steady progressive contemporary migration of people into high-density dwellings over the past four to five decades for reasons of practicality, security, economics and spatial deprivation
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Introducing a New Cat to a Resident Cat
Introducing a new cat to a resident cat
There is no guaranteed formula in predicting how a resident cat will respond to the introduction of a new cat. When the idea is first considered one has to understand numerous factors that may play
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sounds sensitive
Sounds sensitive hounds
Sound sensitivity is one of the most alarming phobias experienced by dogs and their owners. How far back in the modern human-animal relationship this goes, no one knows. Although dogs have an incredible hearing ability
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Does your dog come to you when it is called
Does your dog come to you when it is called?
People often complain to their veterinarian, pet-groom, kennel owner, dog trainer or personal friend that they cannot understand why their pet will not respond to their call by using a command or the name. Come
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can you handle your dog
Can you handle your dog?
One of the basic ingredients for a positive owner-dog relationship recipe is compatibility. Being able to handle your dog. This implies a broader concept and application of being in harmony with the type of environment, other
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acquiring two puppies at the same time
Acquiring two puppies at the same time
A new pup is one of the most irresistible creatures and experiences imaginable. Only a cold, hard heart does not get all mushy over puppy’s expressions, habits, soft pink puppy pads, puppy breath and the
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How to introduce dogs
How to introduce dogs to each other
Owning more than one dog is regarded as pack ownership. More than one dog in the pack automatically creates an instinctive hierarchy system where rules of leadership come in to play. Dominance may be exhibited
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Feed your dog
How to manage food and feeding dogs
Carnivores may be cooperative hunters but are certainly not cooperative feeders. There are no friends where food is concerned. Take any two dogs on the planet, place them in a confined area, offer them food
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make the driveway safe for dogs
How to make the driveway safe for dogs
Learn how to make the driveway safe for dogs and cats. The design of modern homes allows for driveways to be a dog’s main limited visual access to the outside world. The gate, whether manual
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puppy socialization
How to introduce a new baby to the dogs
Preparing your dog for the eventuality of an introduction to a new baby begins long before baby arrives. It begins when the dog is 8 weeks old and with puppy socialization classes. Any single person
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Doctor Platzhund’s Pet Pointers:

A practical guide to human / animal interaction

Dr Platzhund's Pet Pointers

Author: Dr Platzhund (Dr Melvyn Greenberg)

Sponsored by: Scientific Veterinary Diets (SVD)

In aid of: South African Guide Dog Association

A must have for all new pet owners from South Africa’s first and only Specialist Veterinary Ethologist (Specialist in Animal Behaviour).

From housetraining and litter-training to car chasing and scent-marking. You’ll find the basics on human and animal interaction, why animals behave the way they do and how to manage it.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the South African Guide Dog Association.

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